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(SMART) The Self-Assessment for Modification of Anti-Racism Tool Webinar

A tool or roadmap for community behavioral health providers that:

  1. provide metrics specific to disparity and inequity issues in community behavioral health.

  2.  extend beyond cultural competency and linguistic appropriateness to incorporate structural inequity

  3. promote a stepwise, concrete quality improvement process that could be adapted for self-directed use in community behavioral health settings.

Here, the presenters introduce the Self-assessment for Modification of Anti-Racism Tool (SMART), a quality improvement tool that aims to meet the AACP’s needs in facilitating organizational change in community behavioral healthcare. In this session, we will review previously described health inequity frameworks, highlighting their strengths and their limitations as relates to addressing structural racism in community behavioral health practice.

The presenters will then introduce the key components of the SMART, describing our process in developing this organizational tool based on key inequity issues that are most relevant to community mental health practice. Lastly, we will use a case example to illustrate the process for using the SMART, and describe future directions for piloting this framework.



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