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May 2021

Health Disparities Among Black Gay Men at the Intersection of Race and Substance Use Disorders (SUD)


Join Us on May 19th at 1pm Eastern!


This presentation will examine the impact of health disparities at the intersection of substance use disorders (SUD) and race, among Black gay men. In a community already struggling to find resources, the combined burden of HIV and substance use disorders can be devastating. By bringing awareness to this subject, we can begin to shift attention to meet the needs of an oftentimes overlooked community.

Public health departments, stakeholders, and community-based organizations have novel opportunities to engage specific populations with mechanisms that prioritize value and emphasize impact. This interactive presentation will provide evidence-based research findings and rich discussion to raise awareness of this public health threat among Black gay men.


  1. Understand unique circumstances of black gay men with SUD
  2. Operationalize best practices among public health professionals to more accurately meet the needs of this population
  3. Disseminate lessons learned with interested parties and continue identify gaps that may arise. 

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