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August 2022

“But Why Though?”: The Marginalization of Black Americans in Children’s Media

8/11/2022 - 8/11/2022

Time:  12:00 - 1:00 pm Eastern


Over the years, Disney movies have continued to present trends in which Black characters lack evolution and development that mirror the current society. Throughout this presentation the movies: Soul, Prince and the Frog, and Spies in Disguise will be utilized as examples of this phenomenon since all three movies have “Black” lead characters, but in reality, they spend most of the film in another form. In addition, this presentation will also focus on how the villains in Disney films often have darker features that have been equated to negative connotations such as “evil, bad”. This notion is witnessed in the Clark Doll Study’s results which showed children identifying dark skinned dolls as “bad” and later self-identifying with the dolls (Clark 1941). The study was replicated by CNN “AC360” in 2010 which highlights the continued stereotypical viewpoints of colorism and how it is developed at a young age (Cooper 2010).

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